Studio Practice: One Day Brief – Collaborative Groupings

For half of the day we were split up into small groups of 3 or 4 and were told to create grouped images from objects we had on us.

We decided to use different apple products to produce our images. For the first image we used apple products that were Rose Gold and used a shoot through table to light the surface. We used a colour gel to make the light pink to coordinate with the Rose gold coloured apple products. The light on top was set to 2.5 and there was a reflector on the other side to catch the light. The light on the bottom had a pink gel and was set to 3.5.

For the second image we used a silver iPod on top of a green coat, we then had the iPod slipping into the pocket with the headphones trailing out. We had two lights either side one set to 3.5 and the other to 3.0. This would create some shadowing but leave both sides evenly lit.

Overall the project was a success and we created two images as a team that could have been used to sell Apple products.


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