Studio Practice: Tin Can 5×4 Workshop

In this workshop we were tasked with setting up a 5×4 and taking an image of a tin can. We were asked to get an image of the tin can that was close up so we would be extending the bellows. This workshop was designed to get us to have a feel for the 5×4 camera and the lighting compensation formula. Because we were extending the bellows past there optimum distance for the lens, the light gets weaker as it has further to travel. So we used the formula to calculate how much more light we will need to let in to expose the film correctly. So we wanted to expose the image for F/16 but would need to expose the image to F/16 and two thirds of light to get the image to come out at F/16. As you can see by our transparency we were able to expose the image correctly. Bellows correction is an important thing for everyone to consider especially if your shoot has the bellows extended you need to be able to correct the exposure to ensure the right amount of light hits the film.



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