Product and Portrait Shoot for Katie

Here’s another blog post of Tom procrastinating and documenting a shoot done for someone else. This is a shoot I completed on Wednesday 9th May and was a shoot that came about from collaborating with the Model from Alice’s shoot. I had shot Farsya for my own project which will be revealed in the future.

Farsya contacted me about a friend potentially borrowing me for a shoot. Katie contacted me about shooting some of her final products created for Graphic design extended practice and for a few professional portraits to be shot.

The first half of the shoot was finding locations for her products to fit into the real world and photograph them to look progressional for her portrait. This was fun because it was finding locations to establish the products and make appealing product shots. The second half of the shoot was shooting Katie’s professional portrait, these portraits were shot with Natural light like the product shots before! I used my Fujifilm XT1 with a 35mm F/1.4 for the both of the shoots!

The images were all edited with Lightroom and a selection were sent off to Katie who pleased with the outcome here are some of the images. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am happy with the results produced.


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