PPP1: Fashion Editorial Brief

In this blog post, I shall be discussing our group project we were tasked with. The class were put into groups of four and assigned a magazine to look at. We were given Tank Magazine a Fashion Documentary magazine, that sometimes focusses more on social commentary than the fashion itself. We were tasked with creating a fashion editorial based from Tank fashion magazine.

Tank’s tag line – ” A thing of beauty and permanence in an age of transience, since 1998″. Tank is ever present and known throughout the fashion industry but is also quite secretive. Each issue tackles with a specific theme and doesn’t necessarily have straight forward fashion imagery. The photographs sometimes lean towards fashion documentary, than the standard fashion image.

Early on we decided our roles for each member of the group early on. I was tasked with designing the final magazine layout and coordinating the project. We gave everyone a role based what they wanted to do. We didn’t choose a primary photographer, this allowed everyone to shoot there own images; giving us a variety of perspectives to look at.

Being the designer and coordinator was fun but challenging. I enjoy managing people and delegating tasks and ensuring there is communication between everyone in the group. At times it was challenging getting the group to be as motivated as I was and produce the work by the times I required. However this taught me patience and to think about how to communicate the urgency of the task being completed at hand without sounding like I am pestering for something to be finished.

Designing the layout was an enjoyable task. I love working in InDesign, it gave me a challenge to create a layout based on Tank magazine. I also was then able to include pictures from a second shoot we did because one of our photographers was not available for the first shoot. We worked as a team so I wanted to show a team effort in the final design. There were still some imperfections and if I’d had more time it would the small details I’d missed would have been fixed.

This was the first time I had shot on location for fashion imagery and was quite an experience. I really enjoy working in the studio because you’ve got complete control on the lighting and the subject is aware of why you’re photographing them; it can take a while for a model to relax but you don’t have the public looking at you. I always feel worried someone is going to interrupt a shoot when it’s on location.

However using location in fashion allows you to communicate a sense of place with the clothing. Location lighting is key to make the clothing stand out in natural light. Next time if we were to do another location I’d use the quadra or the ranger kit. We weren’t able to get the remote triggers working, so the flash had to always be on camera. Next time I’d like to try an off camera flash.


Here is one of the images I produced for the brief, the image ended up being our front cover image. The image should have been shot possibly with a weaker flash because it has over powered the sky, but has led to a dramatic shot. The wind sweeping over Georgia’s face also contributes to the image being more interesting.

Overall I was pleased with the images I shot for the project and the images my group shot for the project. I feel my images are suitable to being in Tank magazine. I would’ve liked more time to photograph the models and have a few more shoots towards the project. But this whole project has been a good experience and a insight into preparing a location shoot to selecting images to a magazine.


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