PPP1: Shooting with a client – Jasmine Paterson

In this blog we shall be discussing a project shot for a client, while I’ve been studying my first year of university. On the 11th October 2016 Jasmine Paterson a Leeds College of Music student posted on a Leeds College of Art forum. Jasmine was in need of a photographer to help produce promotional material for her college work. I got in contact with Jasmine to see if I was suitable photographer for the photographs she wanted being produced. Once she was happy with seeing my previous work, we started discussing what Jasmine wanted. Jasmine showed me a variety of images she’d collected and put in Google drive folder.


Here is Jasmine and Adam preparing for a medium format photograph.

We decided on doing two shoots one on location and one in the studio. We planned the location shoot in person for the 5th of November in the afternoon. The location shoot started off really well, unfortunately the weather was not on our side. Half way through the shoot it began to rain. We had to wait at one of our locations while the rain passed, we then continued the shoot for little longer before it got too cold to continue.
After the location shoot we planned a studio shoot, to create portraits on solid coloured backgrounds and experiment slightly with the lightning.

I was slightly disappointed with some of the results from the first studio shoot and wanted to do another shoot but with more experimentation. I organised another studio shoot for the 16th of November. In this shoot I wanted to experiment with coloured gel lighting on Jasmine rather than on the background. These results came out much better than the first studio shoot, I believe I need more practice in the studio but also getting more confident with using Capture one.I looked at the studio set-up more indepth for my Portrait brief for Photographic Practice here. This would have allowed me to see the issues with the first set of images and come up with ways to fix them on the shoot in camera, rather than relying on post process techniques.

Then it was down to Adam and I to select are final images to submit to Jasmine. Once our selections were ready we sent them off to Jasmine. Jasmine was happy with the results from Adam and I, we have potential client for the future. Overall shooting for a client and creating images for the client for a challenge and a way to create images they require. This was an interesting project and I’d like to continue shooting portraits and images for people in the future.


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