Photographic Practice: Planning the Second Shoot (Studio)

In this blog post we will be looking at my planning for the second shoot with Sarah. For my second shoot with Sarah, I would like the images from this shoot to be a lot more experimental. I want to shoot the portrait with multiple flashes. Using multiple flashes will allow me to visually create my idea for my final piece. I will use the same technique used in the test shoot with Aithne, however the two positions of Sarah will be further apart from each other and won’t overlay as much.

I will need to use four studio flashes, the two on the background will have spill kill attachments with red gels covering them. The two studio flashes on the sitter will have large rectangular softboxes. This time I will leave the background lights on, so that they can fire a second time. This should hopefully stop the fill light from desaturating the background, which is what happened on the test shoot with Aithne.

I will also make sure to have a mac for the shoot, so I can do the studio shoot tethered to Capture One.


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