Photographic Practice: First Test Shoot (Studio)

In this blog post we will be looking at how the first studio shoot with my sitter for my photographic practice. This was the first shoot with my model Sarah. I shot Sarah with three studio flashes suspended in the air. Two studio flashes had big rectangular soft box flash attachments and I had the third studio flash with a spill kill and a red gel. I was shooting in the infinity cove which with the gel would allow the background to become red. My keylight on the subject was set 4.0 and the fill light was set to 3.5 (so the lighting ratio would be 2:1). I started with one studio flash with a red gel, which was set to 5.0.

I also experimented with a Gobo lighting attachment. Unfortunately the Gobo had an assortment of patterns, but nothing that resembled polkadots (the images on the lower right). I used the Gobo for a few shots and went back to creating images with the original set up.

I used a college Canon 5D mark 3 which is a full frame DSLR that gives me more light and higher quality images. I then used an 85mm f/1.2 L Prime lens from college. The exposure for the images was a shutter speed of 1/125th, an aperture of F/13 and ISO of 100.

Overall the shoot went well and gave me some initial images with my sitter. These images proved to me I’ll need to experiment more with multiple flashes, to create a final portrait that communicates my idea.


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