Photographic Practice: Planning the first shoot (Studio)

In this blog post we will be looking at the planning for my first shoot with the actual shoot for my Studio Photographic practice project. For my first shoot with Sarah I would like to create portraits of Sarah in Cosplay with a red background. I will also experiment with college’s Gobo lighting attachment. With the Gobo I could then attach a coloured Gel and potentially make coloured polkadots like the photograph on the left shot by Emmanuel Giraud for French magazine 160G.

To achieve this images I’ll need to use a studio flash with a spill kill attachment with a red gel covering it, and one or two studio flashes with softboxes. To create images with the Gobo I will only need two flashes one lighting the background with the red gel. The second studio flash with the Gobo attached will be on the sitter.

I will also make sure to have a mac for the shoot, so I can do the studio shoot tethered to Capture One.



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