Photographic Practice: Planning the Test Shoot (Studio)

Hello all sorry this has been a while, it has been a hetic summer and I hope to get back into the blog before I start my second year of uni! In this blog post we will be looking at my planning an initial ideas for my test shoot. My sitter unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the first studio shoot, so I will be doing a test shoot on Aithne. This test shoot will give me time to hone the techniques, I will use to shoot my actual sitter Sarah.

I want to use this test shoot to produce images inspired from promotional images produced for Rae Morris’ debut album Unguarded.


Rae Morris shot by Ross Shields a London based Fashion Photographer, commissioned by Atlanta Records. I do not own this image.

This is one of the studio portraits shot by Ross Shields a London based Fashion Photographer. Who was commissioned by Atlanta Records to create Album Artwork and promotional material for Rae Morris’ debut album. I like these images as there is a lot the throughout the background colour and two images of Rae on top of each other is very interesting. The background has a nice tone to it with what looks like a hard studio light creating a ray of light. This could be mimicking sunlight. I think this image was created with a long exposure and multiple flash intervals. There would also have to been multiple studio lights with soft-box attachments and a fan to blow her hair.

If I can I will use a blue gel to colour the background to compliment Aithne’s orange hair. I need contrast between the background and the hair but I need the colours to compliment each other. I will also make sure to have a mac for the shoot, so I can do the studio shoot tethered to Capture One.


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