Photographic Practice: Multi Flash Studio Workshop (Studio)

In this blogpost we will look at the third workshop in the studio.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.23.37

The third workshop introduced the class to using multiple flashes within the studio. Studio flashes can be used more than once in an exposure, if you use a longer exposure you can flash a subject in more than once. Depending on the length of the exposure and the flash recycle time can depend on how many flashes, within an exposure.

The first flash technique we were shown was multi-flash, this is where you flash the same subject without it moving (this is easier to achieve on still life objects than people). We kept the flash power the same for when it was exposing at f/4 at a 1/30th of a second and kept adding more flashes to achieve the correct exposures the wider the aperture went.

The second technique we were shown was open flash, where we continued to fire a flash on a subject yet they are free to move around the frame. The two images on the right are using open flash, the first one is a picture of Jamie and merged together by using a flash on each side but only firing one for Jamie and one for me. We also discussed that changing the distance of a flash can change the power of the flash as well, (this means if you’re shooting at the lowest possible flash and it is still too bright, moving the flash away from the subject can be a photographic stop difference).


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