An Update on April

Hello again, I’m just quickly updating you on where I am up to, and apologising, for the lack of blog posts through March and for most of April. At the end of March I had a university deadline for Context of Practice 1. This module is all about contextualising Photography, and where your own work fits within society. We had to produce blog posts and an essay with photographs responding to the essay.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up work on the blog because I wanted to focus my attention on the essay, since my February wasn’t very productive for university work. The good news, I was able to finish my essay on time and I’m working towards finishing work for my last project deadlines in May.

I have three more deadlines in May; PPP, Photography and the Printed Page and Studio Practice. I’m excited to finish Studio Practice, this module is all about Still Life in the studio. This will be the first time I will shoot an a 5 x 4 Camera, we’ve currently been doing workshops on how to operate the cameras. Photography and the Printed Page is a module on shooting images for a project that will be turned into a photobook. This has been a project has been a challenging one for me to complete. Finding a project that will work as a photobook and commit yourself has been hard.

So I this blog post was another quick update to say I’m still here and will get back into posting soon. I won’t be posting any blog posts until the 19th April because, I will be away in France and won’t have access to a proper internet connection.


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