Photographic Practice: Gel Lighting Research (Studio)

In this blog post I look at my research on Gel lighting for my studio project as I was intending on using gel lighting for my final portrait!

Colour Gels are used in many different visual art forms other than photography, such as theater and film production. It is a thin transparent coloured material that when light passes through colours the light in a certain way. Gel lighting can be used to light the sitter in a certain colour or can be used on the background to allow more colours instead of having physical backdrops.

When you use coloured Gels, you should ensure that there is light split from other lights that are not gelled. Otherwise the white light will decrease the effectiveness of the Gels.

The photographs on the below were created with coloured gels as an experiment for my shoots for this brief and creating promotional material for a client. As you can see use the Gels to colour the background or to colour the sitter.

I would like to implement Gel Lighting into the final portrait. As the college doesn’t have a Red backdrop and I would like to use red to complement Sarah’s cosplay of Miraculous Ladybug.


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