Photographic Practice: Idea Tutorial (Studio)

On Friday 21st October we had a group discussion to review our ideas for our upcoming studio shoots. We sat round a table and went round asking each other, who they were photographing and how they wanted to photograph their sitter. We were questioned on how we had come to that decision and what research we had done to back up this idea. The sitter was then asked were they comfortable to be shot in this way.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.37.46

I discussed that I was photographing Sarah and that I would like to use her hobby of cosplaying as subject matter for my portrait. I also discussed where I focussed my research – Tim Walker and Cindy Sherman. I finished up with my ideas and how I would execute them without relying on Photoshop.

My tutor Maria told me I will need to continue researching Tim Walker and Cindy Sherman. But I should start to focus my research on lighting styles and techniques to allow me to execute my ideas. Though my ideas are quite complex, as long as I complete the research necessary we should be able to produce my ideas.

I should focus on clarifying my ideas and planning out my two shoots to be able to cover all the ideas.


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