Photographic Practice: Cindy Sherman Research (Studio)

In this blog post we will be looking at some of my research on Cindy Sherman for the studio project.

Cindy Sherman is an American born photographer and film director. Cindy Sherman’s photography consists mostly of self portraits, where Sherman has dressed herself up and taken the role of another character. The work of Cindy Sherman is very relevant for the subject matter of my sitter. Through dressing herself up she is able to make a statement on society and the people within that society.

One of her most recent bodies of work Society Portraits (2008) re-creates portraits of “The Wives of powerful men”. Society Portraits develops themes conveyed in earlier bodies of work created by Sherman, for example Headshots (2000). Sherman portrayed women who were confronting age and how they’d become defeated by the loss of sexuality. However in Society Portraits, Sherman has taken the roles of women who are more interested in maintaining their personal and social class. Not much is known about the rich and powerful 1% but they all age and Sherman’s look into the prospect of aging is interesting.

Cindy Sherman is best known for her work “Untitled Film Stills”. The series “Untitled Film Stills” – 1977-1980 was considered Cindy Sherman’s first body of work to achieve international recognition. It consists of 69 black-and-white photographs, that are all of Cindy Sherman. Sherman poses in different roles and locations, to emulate film styles from American and Italian films from between 1940-1960’s. Sherman has occasionally gone back to the body of work and produced a few more photographs that pay tribute to her earlier work.

The four images below are from the body of work “Untitled Film Stills”, I love the diversity within the series. Sherman has a talent of creating the faces of many different characters and being able to walk into the scene and play the part.


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