Photographic Practice: Interview with Model (Studio)

In this blog post we look at our first session on being introduced to our sitter, we were given an activity. We had 10 minutes to ask our sitter questions and get to know them. Being friends on Facebook with my sitter Sarah, allowed me to get a glimpse into her personality. I found out from her Facebook profile portrait, that Sarah likes to Cosplay. I based my questions around her hobby and passion cosplaying, I felt this would give me a good insight and potentially good subject matter for the portrait.

Q. When did you start cosplaying?

A. I started cosplaying in 2012 after I discovered Manchester MCM Expo in a magazine and wanted to attend.

Q. How do you find cosplaying?

A. It’s one of my favourite things to do. It lets me be creative, and be someone else for a day. It’s brought me some really great friends too.

Q.What do you think of conventions such as comic con?

A. I look forward to each comic con, particularly London MCM when I get to see my best friend. Conventions are basically huge gatherings of likeminded people all being creative and expressing themselves, which is just awesome.

Q. What do you think of the conventions in America?

A. I don’t think they’re an awful lot different to those in the UK, except for being more exclusive. Conventions are bigger over there too, so more people attend and they invite more guests. Like most cosplayers though, It’d be a dream to go to San Diego Comic Con one year.

Q. How often do you change your cosplay?

A. I re-wear cosplays year to year but I tend to create at least one new cosplay per year, usually two.

Q. Does cosplaying make you feel confident?

A. Absolutely. Wearing an outfit you’ve put so much effort into, and having people praise you for it makes you feel amazing. Not only that, but it’s like being someone entirely different for a day. People don’t look at you, but at the character you’re portraying.

Q. Are you more confident when cosplaying?

A. 100%. I’m usually very self conscious, but whenever I cosplay, I don’t feel like people are seeing me, but the character I’m portraying, and the effort I’ve put into an outfit. I get to act as the character when I’m asked for pictures, and get into a role without fearing being judged on my own personality or appearance.

Q. When you get into a TV show, do you like to escape?

A. Yes, I do. I become quite invested in series’, and in characters I find myself relating to. They can become very important to me. And when life is stressful it’s always nice to just watch something and get away from it for a while.

Summary of Interview:

  • Sarah has had an interest in Cosplaying and started in 2012, but didn’t open up to her friends about it until very recently. In a way Sarah kept a double life, with her cosplay activities.
  • It’s another creative outlet for Sarah to express herself.
  • A chance for Sarah to meet new people and create friendships around her hobby.
  • Cosplaying makes her less self conscious and more confident in character

From my interview, I’ve found that Sarah is quiet but knows a lot. I feel my portrait should reflect on this double identity, her cosplay has created. I feel her cosplaying is helping her as a person open up more and become a confident individual. But she has a long way to go and exploring the conflict of confidence within her cosplaying would be a very good basis for my po


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