Photographic Practice: Introduction

In this blog post we shall be introducing the next module Photographic Practice. This module was split into two parts a portrait shot in the studio and shooting on location with film and getting to know the dark room.

This studio project introduced us to photographing portraits in the studio. We were shown how to use different studio lighting. We finally learnt different lighting styles for portraits, allowing us to identify a style that would be relevant for our own sitter. We would then use what we learn in the workshops to create a portrait of another student within the class. We would also be assisting another student’s portrait shoot.

The darkroom project was all about shooting onto film, and introducing everyone to shooting on film and the darkroom facilities provided by Leeds College Art. The film project was called “Reviewing your Surroundings”, it was a location project that wanted us to look at the similarities and differences between living at Leeds and moving away from our homes.

I was quite excited for this module because I love shooting in the studio and was ready to have another go at shooting on film. I will first start publishing work from the Studio project as that was the first part of the module I completed.


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