The 2nd University Update

Hello everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the regular blog posts. It has been challenging getting into the right frame of mind to make sure there’s content coming out Monday to Friday!

So why are we discussing university again? I’m giving you all a quick update on where I am with work in uni and what other projects I’d like to start doing on the blog.

The module Ideas and Resolutions has been completed being published on the blog and I will start publishing work on Photographic Practice tomorrow. I actaully submitted Ideas and Resolutions in December and submitted Photographic Practice in January.

In the past my degree would use a blog to create the supporting work for each module. As of my first academic year at university we now use a powerpoint or similar program to create the supporting work. Because I only use a blog for two modules I don’t post my work into a blog format until I have some spare time. This is why my work from uni isn’t chronicled as it happens.

What does this mean for you? Hopefully not a lot but a more consistent publishing schedule when I’ve got time to post my work. It’s been great to see more engangement with the blog posts documenting my work and thank you for the continued support and viewership! It really is good to know people have an interest in what I do!

So, University… At this moment in time I’m still working through 4 modules however they’ve changed. I’m now working on Photography and the Printed Page, Studio Practice and I’m also still working on Personal, Professional Practice 1 and Context of Practice 1.

Photography and the Printed Page is all about getting us to think about creating a photobook. We can create a photobook around and an idea or project we feel will work well for a photobook. I’m excited for this project as I’ve never created my own photobook I’ve only helped others work on theirs.

Studio Practice is the second new module, which focuses on shooting Still Life images. We have been given the theme “Still Life, Self Portrait”, we have to use products to say something about ourselves. I am looking forward to creating images for this brief as it will be my first time really delving into food photography. We will also have the experience of shooting on 5 by 4 colour film.

How’s Life? At the moment I’m doing fine, university is challenging me and keeping me busy. I’ve also signed up to a 10 bedroom house with a lovely bunch of Leeds College of Art students.

Those upcoming things? I am working on a project for the blog, where I will submit a photo once a week and talk about it. I need to figure out how I will post these and when I will post them. I’m thinking of posting them at the weekend or on one of the 5 days I post a blog.

There will also be some maintenance to the blog, I’ve already started to tweak the way you navigate the blog. I am hoping to reorganise older posts and place a watermark on older pieces of work. Hopefully this will be in phases of older work rather than anything current, as all of my university work will be watermarked.

I’m also working on bringing blog posts about my current camera situation as it has changed 4 times since my A7. I also want to finally finish of the last of my college work as I still haven’t put up my Final Major Project!

Thank you again for the continued support, I’m really enjoying getting back into the swing of things blogging about my work! I hope I’m really able to commit myself to these new little side projects for the blog. This has been another university update and I’m signing off until the next one, see you all soon!



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