Ideas and Resolutions: Appraisal

In this blog post we conclude the first module completed for university.

Ideas and Resolutions has broadened my understanding of what it is to take a photograph, and that sometimes the image is more about the concept and understanding rather than the visual quality. I went into this module with an adequate understanding of a photographic workflow but I’ve been introduced to other areas to consider when creating photographs.

I believe I responded well to the three mini-briefs, I feel that my final shoot became convoluted in which mini-brief I was developing.

I got my friend Aithne to dress up in a Dinosaur onesie, to illustrate Divergent thinking, and then had more of my friends in shot watching Aithne. The group of people didn’t interact with Aithne, but they could see her but she couldn’t see them. This was all based around the idea of a fairy-tale, that there are these hidden narratives, that when you are a child you don’t pick up on them. But when you’ve grown up and re-visit them, you start to notice elements you weren’t aware of before.

Based on my research into Duane Michals, I took inspiration from his narrative photo-sequences. I would have liked to have submitted my piece, in a similar design to one of Michals’ photo-sequences. I would like to take the photo-fairy tale idea further and develop it for another brief around Photobooks.

My idea was to include elements from all the mini-briefs and develop an idea from that. This would allow me to visually show my understanding of what each mini-brief was trying to get us to understand. The problem is that my final shoot can be argued that is just Control and Intervene.

If I had more time to plan and develop the idea, I feel I could have incorporated the other elements learned from the mini-briefs better. I think my intentions were a little too ambitious for the first project. If I want to produce complex location shots with people, I need to communicate what I want from each person in each image better. I also feel that I should have taken more images at each location, to give the models time to relax within each image.

Using a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 allowed me to visually create my concept by providing me, good image quality across the frame. This allowed for my image in Leeds Trinity Shopping centre, to have many different Aithne’s across the frame and they still be distinguishable. The only way to improve it would have been to shot on a Digital Medium format camera.

In the future I need to decide on how I will create my supporting work, allowing me to focus on the photographs rather than stressing on the presentation of the supporting work. This will allow me to be more organised in where I should be focusing my efforts. I should also try and book an earlier print slot to avoid complications and low quality prints.

Overall I’m satisfied with my response to the project and look forward to the future.




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