Final Project: Image Review

In this blog post we will be looking at the photo series produced for the Final Project of Ideas and Resolutions.

The Final shoot for Ideas and Resolutions quickly became big, convoluted and complex. I was lost in what I was trying to make for the final submission, I had many ideas but not enough time was spent planning and clarifying what I was going to shoot. The Photo-series was around a narrative, I created in my head that came from an idea from the (Im)Perfections Brief – responding to Leeds. I got my friend Aithne to dress up in a Dinosaur onesie, she is quite small and I wanted to represent myself within the series as something new, exploring this new big landscape around me.

I also used Aithne in the onesie as way to illustrate Divergent thinking. The other models in the series were meant to look at Aithne with pity, the idea of nagging thoughts, that always there but are within the subconscious. I’m under constant stress to make sure that perform well at university and become more productive as an adult. I based all of the ideas into a fairy tale inspired photo-sequence that could be potentially turned into a book.

The group of people are the hidden narrative, that as a child you don’t pick up on them. But when you’ve grown up and re-visit them, you start to notice elements you weren’t aware of before. If I’d used the text on the image, it would have made it more obvious that I was trying to purposely ignore the other subjects.

I shot multiple images of the same location but with the subjects in different locations within the frame. I then put the images together in photoshop, I used this technique with most of the images, but I didn’t manage to make two images with this technique. I also didn’t try to increase the level of complexity with the image manipulation with every new image in the sequence. I didn’t have a clear way to execute this idea within the series, I feel it would have just completely confused the viewer.

Overall the narrative was a complex project that I tried to undertake, and has become slightly convoluted. I’m not happy with all of the results created for the narrative. But I am happy with most of the images on a visual level, the context I tried to give the images was lost in translation, from Ideas to actual practice.


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