Final Project: Photoshop Evaluation

In this blog post we will be looking at the techniques used in photoshop to create the images for the final project in Ideas and Resolution.


First I selected the images I was using to create the image, I then opened the files into Adobe Camera RAW. Adobe Camera RAW is great for synchronising edits on one image to other images you’ve opened. I changed the exposure by pulling back the blacks slightly and enabled lens correction. Once the images were edited I opened the first images and placed the other images on top of each other. I then used the art history brush and the eraser to rub between the layers. I should have got the models to change their stances more between each image. This is something to take into account for future shoots if you want to create heavily manipulated images you should shoot all the images together and consider other shots that could be useful to include or play around with in post to give you alternatives of the same image.


This image I decided I wanted to create the illusion, that all the images were shot on Aithne’s Fuji-instax. I first processed the original image, by giving it slight increase in warmth on the white balance and flattened the contrast on the image. I then created a duplicate layer with just the photographs. I then did a second duplication of the photographs, but only selecting the frame of the photographs. I then went back to the first duplication and deleted the frame, and hid the layer. I then started placing the other final images on top of the first layer, so I fit each image within a frame. This would give the illusion that they were shot on the Fuji-instax. Once each image was in place, I merged the layers together. I then used the first duplicate layer as selection tool, to allow me to create a selection for an adjustment mask. Now that the images were in place I needed to change the exposure on the images, to make them appear flatter and less saturated. This was to make the images have a similar exposure quality, and so that the viewer isn’t instantly drawn to them. Overall I’m quite pleased with the image manipulation applied to the image, I feel with more planning and better coordination images within the series could have been more ambitious.

final-shoot-179This is the last image within the sequence and is my favourite image from the 10 because the image creates a sense of plausibility. It was created after the shoot because we ran out of time to produce a 10th image. This also gave me time to edit the other images from the series and come up with an idea that complement the images, that came before it. I decided to produce an image that could be viewed outside of the loop and could be a starting image or an ending on top of the original loop. I would’ve like to gone back and potentially explored other compositions of this image (maybe have Aithne hanging up the images for review?)

ending-croppedThis image gives the illusion that is the final image, but it’s the second to last image. I originally intended to have this as my final image as it links quite nicely with the start and creates a loop within the sequence. I think I should have spent more time composing the image, as the bus shelter on an angle is annoying and visually pleasing to the eye. The visual continuity of the Bus stops as well they are two different bus shelters, which caused problems in creating the loop. This bus shelter has a screen, which makes it easier to believe my image should have been there, the first bus shelter was a poster. This made it harder to place the image.


final-shoot165This image was one of my least favourite images from the photo-series because it doesn’t have multiple people from the group looking towards Aithne. I didn’t have enough time at this location and I should’ve used the flash gun I had with me. Because I didn’t use extra light I had to shoot with a slow shutter speed, I didn’t communicate this to the models. If I had told them to stay still I might have got a better image from this part of the shoot. The image would have been better I could have included more tables and chairs with the others sitting on them and looking towards Aithne. This image could have been more sinister and dark.


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