Final Project: Final Shoot

In this blog post we will be looking at the final shoot for Ideas and Resolutions.

I did the final shoot a week after the test shoot, I made sure to pick a suitable time for all of my models to work together. I also made sure that weather was suitable for shooting in, as did not need a repeat of what happened last week.

I feel I should have communicated a plan and the idea I wanted for my shoot, to the models before I went to shoot. This would have given them more time to get into character and made the shoot a little easier to direct. I also need to learn to communicate better with models on the shoot, this means I can stay in the shooting position instead of walking back and forth to direct.

For the final shoot, I made to sure to get out a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3, with the 24-105mm L lens. This gave me more detail, than the test shots took on the Canon EOS M10. This helped allow me to create an image shot in the Trinity shopping center with Aithne, on different floors and different areas.


If I’m going to do a shoot with a lot of people, I need to consider having an assistant, to allow me to photograph and make sure that if I want to use an off camera flash. It can be changed on the fly and re-directed when needed. I also need to get into the habit of knowing the purpose of the images, for example taking a few images in each position. This gives the models time to relax into the poses I require and helps communicate the final image overall.


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