Final Project: Story Board Design

In this blog post we will be looking at the story created and the design for the final shoot in Ideas and Resolutions. Though we weren’t allowed to have images spill over more than one page I thought I’d create a book design.

I decided to plan the story based around one of my friends (Aithne) getting dressed up in a onesie and exploring Leeds taking pictures with her green Fuji-Instax camera. I didn’t want to address the other models within the story, as I wanted the text to just focus on the narrative around the “The Little Dinosaur in Leeds”.

One day a little green dinosaur came to Leeds. She hoped to photograph the many famous sites of Leeds on her little green camera all in day. She got off the bus, at a big red metal bus stop.

Bewildered by the daunting buildings, she set off on her journey around Leeds. She tried to ask for directions but was given strange and funny looks and to no avail continued on her quest.

The Little Dinosaur found her way into the Christmas market on Leeds’ baffled by all the stalls available.

The Little Dinosaur grew tired as she waited for her bus to take her back home. She had seen and photographed many weird and wonderful sites. She began to dream of when she would next come to visit.

I didn’t want to write too much text, so that the image was there as a visual reference to the text. But I also wanted to create some context for the photo series. The text would also have been used to throw off the viewer, by not addressing the other models within the text, you begin to wonder where they ever there?

I used the test shoot images of the beginning and ending of the photo-series to plan and develop the initial idea. However the bigger problem with I had was the layout with the images. I kept trying to make a layout where images spilled onto multiple pages. I started to design a book layout for the images, which was not required and wouldn’t work for submission.

On review I didn’t use the story layout, after a group tutorial. However I will continue to review the concept and keep it for a future project. I might incorporate the design and layout into my initial research for my module Photography and the Printed Page.


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