Ideas and Resolutions – Final Project Introduction

In this blog post I will be discussing the final project for Ideas and Resolution. The final project is based around our own personal ideas and developing a series of images based off one of the mini-briefs. I’ve decided to create my final shoot around all three of the mini-briefs.  Ideas and Resolutions has been a fun task to complete and I wanted to create a project that shows what I’ve learnt from the module.

Mini-brief 1 (Divergent Thinking) was all about creating images that explored the principles of ideas, and that pushed the boundaries on visually ideas. I created a triptych with a toilet brush used as a whisk for making cakes.

Mini-Brief 2 (Control and Intervene) was all about creating images, that either were created for the camera or were shown to the camera. So do you create an image of the world or do you find an image of the world. For this brief I decided to create a photo-series around the idea of Intervene. I used two of my friends standing still in the train station with a slow shutter speed.

Mini-Brief 3 ((Im)Perfection) was all about creating images, that are intentionally wrong. It was all about  questioning what in photography is perfection. For this mini-brief I found it quite hard to create images to fit this brief. I ended up creating images for this brief on my iPhone. I created intentionally broken panoramas, in response to Dominic Pote’s photography.

So for the final shoot I want to create photo-series that incorporates Control and Intervene, and I’ll Intervene within the scenes. I then want to use elements of ImPerfection and as each image in the series progresses potentially the image manipulation becomes more prominent. I then feel I can try and add some elements of Mini-Brief 1.


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