Mini Brief 2: Idea Generation

In this blog post we’ll be looking at my idea generation for the second Mini Brief.


Once we were introduced to the brief, we had to decide if we were just going to photograph what we saw, or were we going to intervene to create a scene to photograph. I decided on creating a series of images based on intervening within the series.

Both of the photographers I looked at were documentary photographers who shot what they saw around them. I liked the compositional elements from both of them but Zack Arias’ images from the streets of Mumbai with a slow shutter speed have appealed to me.

I want to use the slow shutter speed to potentially isolate subjects within the frame. I would need to look for areas to which are potentially busy with people and freeze my subjects within the area. I could look at Leeds Train station and Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre.

I will need to ask some of my friends to stand within the frame and ask them to stand still while I expose the images.


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