Mini Brief 2 – Control and Intervene: Introduction

In this blog post I will be introducing the second Mini-Brief for Ideas and Resolurions.

The second Mini-Brief we undertook was called “Control and Intervene” and focussed on how we controlled our images. A Photograph is made when light is focussed through a lens and hits photographic material or a photographic sensor. A photograph can be used as a way to document a scene and can be used as evidence. However sometimes the scene has been manipulated to look a certain way. They can also introduce subject matter within the frame causing the viewer to have a specific emotive response about a location or the way the image was shot.
We had to decide whether: We controlled the image by placing the camera in a specific way, exposing the image with certain exposures (Control). Or by physically changing the environment, which could be subtle or dramatic, creating a new image from the photograph you captured (Intervene).
We were asked to produce our own outcome, based on the ideas we wanted to shoot within the mini-brief.

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