Mini Brief 1: Evaluation

In this blog post we will evaluate the whole of the first Mini Brief for Ideas and Resolutions.

Mini-brief 1 (Divergent Thinking) was all about creating images that explored the principles of ideas, and that pushed the boundaries on visually ideas. I feel the ideas for the mini-brief came quite easily, but communicating the initial ideas was complicated and required me to refine the explanation. We were given toilet brush and I had ideas for using a toilet brush as; a whisk, a hair brush and a microphone. I created a triptych with a toilet brush used as a whisk for making cakes. I then created images around a toilet brush being used as a microphone, I used different locations in my accommodation to achieve different lighting styles.I feel the style of my image making contributed to the overall feel of the images and I wanted the images to feel finished and more than just an experiment.

I feel that with the right shooting environment; I would be able to capture the ideas with a stronger focus on commercial photography. The ideas that I came up with, lend themselves to creative/alternative advertising. Some of the principles on shooting the object outside of it’s intended use, can be applied to still-life photography.


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