Mini Brief 1: Lewis’s Shoot

In this blog post we will be looking at the second shoot done for the mini-brief. In this shoot I photographed another flatmate of mine with a toliet brush being used as a microphone.

This is the second shoot with the toilet brush, being used as a microphone. I wanted to style the image different as I was shooting a different person. I sent an image in a conversation I had with Lewis (on the left), so he understood what theme I was going for. I wanted to create an image that was more high-key with a coloured background. I decided to use a wall on the ground-floor within my block, which was light blue.

I used my Canon 6D which is a full frame DSLR that gives me more light and higher quality images. I then used my 24-105mm L lens, closer to 24mm to give me distortion within the portrait of Lewis. I wanted the final image to feel like it was shot in a studio, on a coloured background. The exposure for the images was a shutter speed of 1/125th, an aperture of F/4 and ISO of 400. Because I was using available light from my accommodation ground floor, my key light was from the top and I had no fill light. I was constantly asking my model to look up towards the light.


If I was to re-shoot the images again, I would use a reflector or bring a secondary light source to reduce the shadows on Lewis’ face. I could also shoot this image in the studio but the background is a nice shade of blue and with a little tweaking to create a more workable lighting solution. I think I could create some good images.


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