Mini Brief 1: Alice’s Shoot

In this blog post we will be looking at the first shoot done for the mini-brief. In this shoot I photographed my flatmate with a toliet brush being used as a microphone.

Another idea I had for the toilet brush was to photograph it being used as microphone. I ended up doing two shoots on this idea with two of my flatmates. The first shoot was with my flatmate Alice. I had a conversation with Alice (on the left on Facebook), to ask if she would be interested for the shoot. But also to communicate the idea with the model before we go into the shoot.

I wanted to shoot Alice on the same background as the Toilet Whisk shoot, but when it was darker. I decided to use my LED desk lamp to imitate a spotlight on a stage. I used my Canon 6D as it was full frame and allows more light in than a crop sensored DSLR. I used 24-105mm L lens, I set the lens to 70mm to give the impression I was using a portrait lens. I wanted the final image to feel like it was shot on a stage and give the impression she was singing in a performance. The exposure for the images was a shutter speed of 1/125th, an aperture of F/4 and ISO of 400.


I was quite happy with the images from this shoot, but I would like to explore this style of image again with proper lighting equipment to enable to capture my idea, in a more controlled environment.


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