Mini Brief 1: Toilet Whisk (Triptych)

In this blog post we’ll be evaluating the final image created from the toilet whisk shoot.

Here is the final image, the one on the right was the first version of the triptych. But on review of the image, I went back and re-choose the images used in the triptych in favour of images that looked similar. The style of image lended itself to more consistent images.

The RAW files were first processed together in Adobe Camera RAW so they all had the same look. The I created a custom white canvas, slightly longer than an A3 page. This allowed me to position all the images together and produce a storyboard final image.

Another thing to consider in the future is the use of a tripod to help increase the consistency between the images made. These images look closer to the images PutPut from the Photo-series New necessity. If my Canon EOS 6D had an on-camera flash, or I had booked out a Canon 580ex Speedlite from college, I might have been able to replicate more visual aesthetics from the images.


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