Mini Brief 1: Toilet Whisk Shoot

In this blog post we will be looking at the first shoot done for the mini-brief. In this shoot we photographed a toliet brush being used as whisk.

One of our ideas was to shoot a Toilet Brush being used as a whisk – Toilet Whisk. We did shoot at my flat because it potentially could have got messy. The shoot took place in the kitchen/lounge area of my flat with a pale purple. As a reference to PutPut’s images with a contrasting coloured backgrounds, allowing the subject to stand out.


I held the toilet brush, with the glass bowl against the purple wall. Jamie used my Canon 6D with a 24-105mm L lens to shoot the images. We used my Canon 6D as it was full frame and provides high quality images when paired with a good lens such as the 24-105mm L lens. I wanted the final image to feel like it was shot in a studio and came across as an advertising/still life photograph. The exposure for the images was a shutter speed of 1/125th, an aperture of F/4 and ISO of 400. Because I was using available light from my flat the big window in my flat, we had to push the sensitivity up of the camera.


Overall the shoot went well, given the timescale provided by the mini-brief. If I was to shoot the images again I would use a controlled light source, such as a portable flash or studio flashes. I think this image could have been created within a studio for better light control but would still have worked in my flat provided the right lighting was used.


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