Mini Brief 1: Sam Kaplan Research

In this blog post we will be looking at Sam Kaplan.

Sam Kaplan is a Still-Life photographer, that creates visually appealing images and uses Stop-Motion Animation to bring them to life. Kaplan has a large client list, working with companies to produce photographic adverts for Google and Jordans Granola. He describes his art process as “precise” or “maybe a little OCD”, but that allows his images to communicate a lot of detail. Kaplan also is quite the problem solver because his main body of work focusses around food “With every shoot there are definite limitations, whether imposed by the layout, the product, or the time constraint. So you always have to find ways to perform within those parameters. But then again, that’s what keeps the job exciting.”

Kaplan has also created his own bodies of work where he explores other items. They all have a high quality feel to them and show an eye for his design, for example the image of the baby doll on the right. The body parts have all been broken off and extra baby doll body parts have been placed within the image. But the placement of the extra body parts has been thought about to because they are in relation to where they would be placed on the doll.

Through further research I found out that Sam Kaplan uses Digital Medium Format camera with a Phase One Digital Back. These cameras produce images that can be cropped to 100% and blown up and printed big. They are used to produce high quality imagery. This also allows Kaplan more creative control for when creating his stop motion animations.


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