Mini Brief 1: Ordinary Magazine Research

In this blog post we will be looking at Ordinary Magazine, which I found as a great source of inspiration for this Mini-Brief.

Ordinary is a fine art photography magazine that was released for the first time this year. The magazine has been published quarterly and it features artists from around the world. Each of these artists is sent an ordinary object that will be the theme of the magazine. Once the publication has been released readers will also be given the free ordinary item and hopefully will be inspired to produce something too. There have been four issues so far:

● The first issue is about plastic cutlery.
● The second issue is all about the sponge. ● The third issue is about cotton buds.
● The latest issue was about socks.

Ordinary magazine is an interesting experiment and take on the magazine, industry. It is very minimalistic and focuses on the work produced for the magazine’s theme. I think it was a great visual reference point for getting us into creating images around the theme of Divergent Thinking. It helps reaffirm that interpretations of the same theme can be very different.


These are the covers of Ordinary Magazine, I do not own the rights to these designs

If you have the chance check out Ordinary Magazine, it is a great source of inspiration for contemporary photography.


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