Mini Brief 1: Idea Generation

In this blog post we will be looking at the ideas generated for the first Mini Brief. We put into pairs of two for the mini brief and assigned an item to photograph. Our assigned item was a toilet brush.


This is one of the toilet brushes we used for our ideas.

We first started by mind mapping what a toilet brush could be potentially used for and starting refining, which ideas could be used.


We decided to go with Hairbrush and Whisk. I also toyed around with the idea of using the toilet brush as a Microphone.

Once we had decided on which ideas we wanted to shoot. We then set about working out how we would visually communicate the idea, through composition, lighting and technique.

I wanted the images to have an advertising/commercial feel, I have an interest in high quality fashion images. I wanted the images to have a feel for potentially being featured as images used in adverts or editorial pieces.

I feel the ideas for the object we were assigned, came easier to me than my partner. I respect his patience and for allowing me to pursue some of my ideas. We were given toilet brush and I had ideas for using a toilet brush as; a whisk, a hair brush and a microphone. The problem was then coming up with the means to photograph those ideas.


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