The University Update

I apologise it has been a while, a little longer than I would have wanted to leave it! I know I still haven’t even finished publishing my work for Final Major Project. I will still be posting blog posts on my FMP, but I need to get one of my sketchbooks back to post work from that, because it was all hand written.

So, let’s take an update on where I’m up to with life. The major obstacle to posting on my blog has been my move to uni. While on holiday in June I had my offer completely confirmed that I would be going to Leeds College of Art to study Photography in September. Me being me, took this opportunity to become heavily involved in preparing what I was taking to uni.

I moved into my accommodation on the 11th September, a day after my birthday. I didn’t feel like moving on my birthday, I was worried I would get too home sick.

So it has been a month and a half since I started, and I’ve got to say that I’m really enjoying the change of pace from BTEC diploma to degree level. I will be completing 6 modules for the year which are all waited at 20 credits. This came as a shock to me as my FMP on my diploma was waited at 20 credits, which was a lot of work to complete it to a high standard. But with only 6 modules that seems only fair and this is a degree not a diploma at college anymore.


The other big change is working on multiple units all at the same time with different hand in dates. So managing time and the amount of work I do on each brief is important. Doing lots of work on a module that won’t be handed in until the end of the year at the start of the year seems pointless. Especially when there will be modules handed in before this one. I suppose this is all part of the learning process, in adapting to a degree.

However there are a few similarities from college and my degree, the equipment provided is excellent and the opportunities they will provide, will allow others and I to produce outstanding work.

The people on my course have the same enthusiasm to practice in photography! We’ve been split into two groups but we are all starting to work together on projects in university and outside of university. I’ve also had the opportunity to start making friends on my course, who I hope to continue to work with in the future!

Where does this leave us with the blog, I will be continuing to post content on this blog. First I need to get back into publishing content but I already have a lot that just needs to be processed into a blog format. For two of my modules at university I have to work on a blog, These are more likely to have work from university on them, but this blog will soon have work from my other modules on too!

This is me signing off for now but that I’m still here, and that I need to get back to work on the blog!



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