FMP Introduction and Statement of Intent

This post and a lot of other posts are late, as I’ve already finshed college. But this is my Final Major Project in Photography, I wanted to complete a project that would reflect on my overall progress within the subject.

As this project was completely self-directed I needed to write a proposal that would get approval from my tutors. So this post is my proposal and introduction to my FMP “The Future of Photography”.

Section 1 – Working Title and Theme:“The Future of Photography”

– Photography is an ever-changing landscape that has seen consumerism take precedence and prominence over professional photography. “Everyone’s a photographer” is a saying that looms over the head of everyone in the photography industry. The social impact of digital photography has changed the course of the profession.
However, photography, like any other art form, is organic and contributes to digital art and it is helping lead the way in presenting new digital art.
I want to explore possible outcomes in the future of photography, using some new techniques to present photography:

  • I would like to look at incorporating video or cinematography into my photography as they go hand in hand with it.
  • I would also like to explore projection mapping as a way to display my photography or use it to help create my images.
  • I would also like to look at computational photography and synthesis photography.

For the project I would like to product digital artwork that reflects the concepts and techniques researched – thus presenting photography in a new way to be viewed, consumed and reflected on, bringing a digital photograph into the physical space. I shall also write an essay as part of my final major project, which will split some of the topics researched and techniques explored to help bring the contextual aspect of my work to the viewer.


I would like to put the whole experience of the FMP online allowing people to see more about the process of the FMP and try to create a digital space to present the work online.
Section 2 – Influences, early ideas and research sources:
When I was coming up with ideas for my Final Major Project, I started to look at the April Issue of the British Journal of Photography. The issue was called “Weird Science” and it was the debut of BJP’s new design and new outlook on contemporary photography. The articles looked at the emergence of “Astro-photography”, still life photography of life-saving medical machines, and documentary photographs based on the tech start-up companies in “Silicon Valley”. I was very intrigued about BJP’s re-design and continued commitment to discuss and show contemporary photography. I also found it interesting that BJP uses short videos every month to preview the next month’s issue as a way to keep its readers interested.
I also read an interesting article about Imogen Heap. She uses “Block-chain technology” which originated from Bitcoin (an online/digital currency). Block-chain technology is also called Mycelia, which is orientated for music artists. This would be a new platform for publishing music and allowing artists to see demographics and statistics that record labels and internet music stores have access to, but the artist might never get to see this information. It also creates a fairer way for all parties involved in the production of the music to be paid.
I have always been a fan of Imogen Heap’s music but it is her dedication to her art-form and her interest in the production of music that has allowed her to develop and create such unique experiences with her work.
Imogen Heap’s Website

Imogen Heap releases Tiny Human using block-chain technology

Imogen Heap’s Mi.Mu gloves will “change the way we make music”
These both got me thinking about Photography as a whole and where it is going and where it could go. There are many different questions and possible answers. I was interested in the idea of the future of photography. Nick Knight uses many different mediums and ways to capture his photographs which show how up-to-date he stays with the trends and how he uses them in his fashion photography. Why not apply his way of thinking to all of photography and look at what is happening elsewhere?
Showstudio – Nick Knight’s digital fashion concept

Nicola Formichetti x Nick Knight 

Section 3 – Intended techniques, media processes and timescales:

I plan to incorporate and possibly present at the exhibition a projection mapping art piece, allowing viewers of the exhibition a real sense of the work that goes into creating a projection mapping piece. I am also thinking of creating photographs around layering and multiple exposures as a reaction and reflection to projection mapping. This might be printing a photograph and then printing onto acetate and layering the images. I could also use this technique digitally to create a moving image.

I am also going to look at creating 3D computer graphics, which may be created from photographs using displacement mapping. I can then have a 3D representation next to the photograph (I could possibly even look at 3D printing the 3D objects? Or allow the 3D object to be manipulated?).
Spirit is a bone
For April I am hoping to complete the main bulk of research and continue to research over the coming months but I want to have completed the main bulk of research in the sketchbook by the end of April, so I can start writing my essay. I will also need to talk to tutors in my college about when its best to go and talk to them about the techniques and then figure out who is best to talk to first to focus my work on which technique to use, and then move onto the second technique. , whilst the project is ongoing, I shall be photographing on my phone and writing notes and posting little updates on my project on Instagram.
Section 4 – Evaluation:
This project is going to be complicated to assess and I think it will require assessment from multiple parties. I will do a self-assessment in the form of an on-going diary, which will be made publicly available on my blog. I will gather feedback from my college class and see what their opinions are. I will contact free-lance photographers and give them access to material related to the final major project and ask for feedback and opinions. I will also open up the feedback to viewers of the exhibition and from the blog. I will then write up the results from all this feedback and give my final verdict which could be discussed with my tutor.

Hopefully I should have the most of the FMP posts up through August! I also have a few other posts to publish before I start university!


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