Unit 27 Project Evaluation

Unit 27 Digital Image Capture and Editing has been an interesting challenge to complete while juggling my Final Major Project. But has been enduring and provided interesting results to apply to my final piece for my final major project.

Creating my statement of intent first allowed me to prioritise my research and opportunities for shooting images around “Manipulated Fashion”. It also allowed me to compare my initial ideas and decide which was the best idea to go forward with. This also meant that I had to stick closely to the plan and when I wanted to shoot, I also had to consider everything in advance so the shoot could go on ahead. I had decided on the theme “Manipulated Images within Fashion” which was all about the idea of creating interesting images for the related article. However, I also learnt that National Press Photographers Associates (NPPA) have a set code for promoting the accuracy of published images. If I were doing a Photojournalism style report, then heavily manipulating my images would go against their ethics.

I had been given the opportunity to shoot with the Fashion Tutor Bruce which solidified my choice and statement on “Manipulated Fashion Images”. I did two shoots with Bruce and his model over two days, which gave me a variety of shots and outfits to manipulate and create interesting images from. The shoots went well though it was a simple studio set-up the quality of light against the model looked great, it also gave me some opportunity to play with the shadows on the model. better as I made sure to align the light better with the sitter.

I also looked at working with a more professional digital workflow. It is very important to have an organised workflow. In the future you maybe working with thousands of images, it can be very hard to retrieve images if your folders and images aren’t structured and organised. I used Bridge to organise photos with suitable file names and metadata.

When working within Photoshop I learnt the importance of grouping and organising layers within Photoshop. As I had one of my images take 20 Layers for just one side, this meant I had to organize the layers. You can group layers together and name what the different groups to denominate what each group does.  I also learnt how to use the blender tool and blend layers together to make things look like they were on the same image.

Keeping files organised and making sure the files were located within the right location, was also a problem as I have restructured my files on my computer and my external drive. This means both have to be kept up to date or it becomes complicated to know what is up-to-date and what isn’t.

Overall I enjoyed the project for this assignment has been successful however it still important to keep files organised at every step.


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