Rohan’s Studio Shoot

This blog post will be about my portrait shoot of Rohan for my Specialist Studio assignment.

The fourth shoot was of my friend Rohan who is a foundation degree student studying photography. These images were solely for my portrait brief and for possible portfolio work. For this shoot I wanted to shoot portraits closer to the face instead of opting for full-length body shots.

I shot Rohan, with a studio flash suspended in the air on a boom with a beauty dish attachment, and a secondary flash with a small soft-box attachment. I wanted to create a portrait that portrayed Rohan as relaxed but serious and that would be ei5ther mid body shot or just a portrait of the face. I had the white backdrop for the background but as we were only lighting the model with a studio flash looking down on the model; the backdrop would appear a dark grey, as only a slight amount of light would travel back to the camera. If I had used the black backdrop the models body and hair would have become flat as it becomes hard to separate the model from the background.

When shooting Rohan, I had to ensure his safety as Rohan was sitting on a stool with flash with a beauty dish attachment suspended in the air shining light directly onto him. This would have caused Rohan to have limited vision and puts at risk of walking into something or tripping onto something causing harm to him.

Rohans Shoot

I forgot to take a picture of the set but I have used studio plan to represent the set-up

I shot with my Sony Alpha A7 with a Canon mount adapter and an 85mm Prime lens. I shot at 1/125th to make sure it would sync with the studio flashes correctly. I used an aperture f/5.6 and my ISO sensitivity was 100. I then also made sure to shoot in RAW or RAW and JPEG.

RBAFor this image of Rohan, I shot him with a beauty dish from above and a soft box from below. I used camera raw to edit the image, I wanted to make the image slightly warmer to appear more neutral rather than cold. I have gone for a warmer tone for this image. I also increased the exposure. As the image was darker than expected.

I like the image of Rohan it is very heavy, in your face and moody. It creates a relationship with the viewer as the sitter blankly stares through you. They seem ever so disinterested by the camera in front of them.


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