Problems with Image Manipulation


Image Manipulation allows us to create “perfect humans”, which alters our perception on fact and fiction. This changes the majority of societies views on what we call a beautiful human. These views can stress people, as they can be impossible to achieve. This puts people at risk of damaging their health and wellbeing.

Kiera Knightley and Brad Pitt have the partnered with the American Medical Association to “take a stand against rampant photo retouching” declaring the practice “a detriment to your health”.

Increasingly Governments are putting pressure on adventures and banning excessively manipulated images.

  • In the U.K the Advertising Standards Agency has banned an advertisement from Lancôme. The advert featured a heavy airbrushed Julia Roberts and told Lancôme that the advert cannot run in its current form.


  • In 2003 the May issue of Seventeen. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s arm was messed up due to heavy manipulation of a stock photo for their front cover.


  • In 1994, OJ Simpson was accused of murdering his wife, Nicole. In 1995, he was acquitted after a long and highly publicized trial. The photo used on the cover of Time Magazine was manipulated to make OJ look darker in skin tone and more menacing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 14.14.22

  • In Vogue’s March 2014 issue there was an article on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West one of the images shot for the article was manipulated but in a way that made it funny and silly because Kim and North haven’t got a reflection in a mirror.


Glamour Photography – Image Manipulation can be used to alter a models appearance. They can change many features of the model such as; skin complexion, hair colour, body shape and other features that can cause you to believe the image and that it’s a entirely different person being photographed. Glamour photo-manipulation has come under criticism for creating controversial images of humans.



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