Unit 27 Introduction and Intent

Unit 27 Digital Image, Capture and Editing is a small photoshop brief similar to Unit 34 Image Manipulation. This post will be my statement of intent for the unit.


  1. Fashion Based Images – I would like to possibly create four manipulated images based on fashion as I have a keen interest within fashion photography. I have been interested by Nick Knight and they he produces his fashion images.

Bruce the fashion tutor wants me to shoot images of his fashion designs.


I would like to produce manipulated images that could be used within a magazine for articles. I would like to produce a few manipulated images, based around fashion shots I will take for this brief. I will use Nick Knight and David Hockney to produce my images.

I will use the studio to shoot my fashion images and will shoot in RAW to produce high quality images to enable me to create better Manipulated Images for my Portfolio.

For this I will need;

  • DSLR (Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 (Studio Camera))
  • Remote trigger and receivers to sync the flashes.
  • Memory Cards for DSLR’s (SD card for my Nikon and Compact Flash for studio Canon)
  • Studio flashes and studio flash attachments (Soft boxes for the background and an umbrella for the model)
  • Models and clothing that looks high quality that could possibly feature in a fashion magazine.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS5 to produce my final images

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