Jade’s Studio Shoot

This blog is going to be long post but it is the whole process of Jade’s shoot for my Specialist Studio.

Objective for shoot To capture a series of promotional images for Jades Zumba advertising material.
Lighting Diagram


 SSP 1
Photographic equipment.


Four Studio Flashes with remote triggers.

One on the boom


Two big soft box attachments

One small soft box attachment

One umbrella attachment

Background and Accessories

White backdrop


Other People N/A
Materials N/A
Props White stand
Contingency N/A


Ensure camera cards are empty and prepared for the shoot. Make sure you have charged batteries for cameras. Buy batteries for studio equipment.

This was an interesting shoot as I had to plan alongside my client on what they wanted shooting and when they wanted it to be shot. My client was Jade Dean a friend and a Zumba instructor.

I shot Jade, with a studio flash suspended in the air on a boom with an umbrella flash attachment. I then had a small soft-box attached to another studio flash on a small stand to light her body. I then had two studio flashes with soft-boxes lighting the white backdrop.

When shooting Jade, I had to ensure her safety as Jade was standing on a small stand with a studio flash with an umbrella attached suspended in the air shining light directly onto her. This caused Jade to have limited vision and puts at risk of walking into or tripping onto something and causing harm to her.

jsde 1








These two images are the studio set up for Jades Zumba shoot.

I shot with my Sony Alpha A7 with a Canon mount adapter and an 85mm Prime lens. I shot at 1/125th to make sure it would sync with the studio flashes correctly. I used an aperture f/5.6 and my ISO sensitivity was 100. I then also made sure to shoot in RAW or RAW and JPEG, this would allow me to preview you the images before I had to convert the raw files. As the lens wasn’t native to my Sony Alpha, the autofocus wasn’t great for these shots, so they had to be manually focussed, which meant some of the shots were hit and miss.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.45.42

Once the Zumba shots were shot, I started shooting Jade’s portrait. I wanted to shoot quite a simple and close headshot portrait of Jade. I used a studio flash with a large soft box on the left and a studio flash with small soft-box on the right. I had Jade sit on a stool and had the two lights in line with her. When we were finished I would turn the studio room lights on to allow her to see.

I shot with my Sony Alpha A7 with a Canon mount adapter and an 85mm Prime lens. I shot at 1/160th and an ISO 200; the aperture was still f/5.6. I shot slightly faster because my camera is smaller and the lenses are designed for bigger cameras making the camera un-balanced and more prone to minor camera shake.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.46.15

In hindsight I think the images would have looked better with a light source from the top instead of the light coming from the sides. I wanted to try it from the side to see the different quality of light you get on the face. I should have also shot some portraits with light coming down from the top, to get a better comparison on what worked best for the model.

sst 2

For example, I could have used this lighting set-up but without lighting the backdrop, just a light source from the top.

BAThis image of Jade was shot with two soft boxes from each side. I used camera raw to edit the image, I wanted to make the exposure softer while retaining the strong contrast.

I like this image of Jade, as it shows many things and it doesn’t quite clarify what the subject matter indicates. them. I think this image might have worked better with possibly a different backdrop and the lighting set being from above rather than from the sides.


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