Unit 26 Introduction and Intent

In this blog post we shall be introducing my other specialist brief, Unit 26 Specialist Studio Photography. I’m going to start publishing work from all of my units that I have left as college will be finishing soon and I have my exhibition next week! I do apologise again for the lack of blog posting but it will be worth it when I put my posts about Final Major Project up!

For the specialist studio photography brief I have decided to shoot a series of portraits of different people. I will use a variety of lighting techniques for each portrait to try and capture an interesting portrait each subject. I will also have to decide whether I will photograph the subject or portray the subject.

Shooting portrait allows a photographer to get to know people in an environment and setting that most people won’t get the chance to have. It is an experience that all portrait photographers have even though they show the subject in different ways.

In my research I looked at Martin Schoeller’s portraiture and it has captivated me to create portraits that are humanistic in nature closer to Edward Steichan’s portraits.

If you would like a recap of portrait research, have a look at my initial research and analysed portraits for Unit 9.


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