Lara Jade Photographer

Lara Jade is a British born fashion photographer who’s career is set-up in New York City. She grew up in Staffordshire, England. Jade moved to London to pursue fashion photography full-time. Lara opened her business ‘Lara Jade Photography’ where she began by taking on small creative industry clients, this gave her good opportunities to  build her portfolio. Lara moved to New York City in 2011 and has established her business there.

Lara Jade has quite a range of clients from high-end jewelers Schwarzkopf, to Sony Music and the UK retailer Littlewoods. Jade has also shot editorials for a range of Fashion Magazines such as; Marie Claire, Vogue Wedding and You Magazine.

Jade has to follow legal procedures when photographing for her clients and the models. There will need to be agreements with the client and what they want to be shot and where these images can go. If Jade communicates with clients and models directly, rather than agencies,  depending on what the client wants photographed, then there needs to be a “paper trail” of the communication between client and agency/model.

LJ1Jade captured a series of images for The Observer, on autumn fashion 2013. This photo-article was promoting very niche fashion labels and designers with the theme “1950’s heroine”. This image has been manipulated to look like an early processed colour film photograph. This helps visually to communicate the Observer’s article, along with the background subject matter. The image has been shot with natural light and would have been planned for when the sun would be at its peak for the shot. The model has been posed to create a feeling of “the decisive moment” that Jade happened across in this scene.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 23.08.10This image reminds me of a few shots taken by Reinfried Marass, an Austrian Fine Art Photographer. A lot of his photographs have a model around an iconic classic car.

LJ2This image is from a more recent shoot Jade has completed for British magazine Tatler. Tatler magazine focuses on fashion and lifestyle, as well as coverage of high society and politics. It is targeted towards the British upper-middle class and British upper class. These shots were for an editorial on travelling to New York, the places to see and the fashion to wear.

The image contrasts nicely with the aesthetics of the first image I looked at from Jade. It is more dynamic than the first, which is to be expected given the themes of the first image, compared with present day fashion and the bustling streets of New York. The image helps communicate that New York has a strong history in Fashion and wants to continue its lead in curating modern day trends. I do believe a reflector would be have been a good addition to the image to even out the exposure but it would only be a slight improvement.

Lara Jades images are dynamic, well composed and though have a strong commercial focus are pleasing to look at. Lara has also been able to take her photography and commercialise that into a business model.



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