Where were we?

This post is going to be long and heavy, as I want to apologise to you lot for my absence. The main point I want to get across though is I’m still not feeling great but I’m not giving up on this blog either.

Quick note! When I work on my WordPress blog, I post content after the work has been submitted. This means the time-scale looks shorter on the blog statistics and I was still posting while some of this was going on.

Here are some images from the missing months, to show you I am still working on my photography. I thought it be best to put the pictures at the top rather than have you scroll through a whole post you might not be interested in.


Entering 2016 was an interesting time, as I had just handed in my experimental brief – which went really well. We were then going to be starting on our next brief. This brief was going to be either Specialist Location or Specialist Studio. Like the last time I did a studio or location brief we were split. I was put in half of the class on the Specialist Location photography brief. I also was starting to prepare for my university interviews, that started at the end of January and ran through to the first week of March.

In January a close family member passed away and everything un-hinged… I didn’t have time to stop. I was busy, but as the funeral grew closer. Everything felt so far away. This family member meant quite a lot too me, but we all knew the end was coming. It still hit us all, as if it was all of a sudden.

The effects of their passing didn’t truly hit me until I started trying to photograph for the brief. I started trying to photograph for the brief. The first shoot was on the day of my interview at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University); an interview I had been looking forward too.

The overall shoot was rushed and was confused by my board statement of intent. The interview gave me a clear idea that MMU wasn’t for me. This is never a bad thing, by attending interviews and going to open day’s you can get a “feel” for a university. This scared me because I had now done three interviews and hadn’t heard anything from any of them. I had received a conditional offer from one of my university choices without having to attend an interview.

I increasingly became worried that I would end up somewhere, I didn’t want to go only because I received an offer from the university.

The following shoots for the location brief didn’t provide any better shots. I managed to scrape a series together from the images but I only felt confident to print 2 of the 9 photographs in the series. The rest of project was fine, from first glance it looked like a normal submission of work.

I hated that my enthusiasm for photography had turned against me. I handed the brief in fully aware that the photographs submitted for the brief were of a lower quality, compared to my other briefs. By this point I had just lost all passion and wasn’t in a great place.

I have also now completed my other specialist brief the studio brief, which has gone a lot better. The studio is a place where I can leave my own issues outside and just photograph people or objects.

I also had my last interview and loved it, I know I will be attending Leeds College of Art in September to study my degree. On a whole March has been a better month and a turnaround for me.

I received all five offers from my UCAS application and have confirmed Leeds as my first choice and that Falmouth is my assurance.

I have also been putting my photography to good use in helping my college photograph events and photographing items for Fashion. These experiences have been stressful trying to also juggle my deadlines and keeping them on track.

I’m still not feeling great, but I wanted to give a truthful post about my hiatus. I don’t want go this blog up, I want to continue documenting my journey, through the good and the bad. If you have read all the way to the end, then I salute and thank you for supporting the blog so far!

I will start posting again soon!


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