Unit 32 Project Evaluation

Another brief has been completed, and one step closer to my Final Major Project. Unit 32 has now come to a close and this post shall be evaluating the project as a whole.

This experimental brief has been interesting and has also been a disaster. I originally wanted to create and present this brief differently, with the incorporation of video it seems that I bit of my more than I can chew. I did not create a time-scale and action plan to allow me to achieve what I originally set out to produce. With unexpected family drama unaccounted for I was not able to achieve my original goals.

For my four images produced, I used a variety of camera techniques to create my series of portraits. From a long exposure with multiple flash intervals to illuminating the back of the model and a reflector on the front to create a dark and moody image. I used two different full-frame digital cameras, my Sony Alpha A7 and the studio Canon EOS 5D Mark 2. I found that both the full-frame cameras offered me exceptional quality when it came to experimenting. Both cameras were set to ISO 100 and to shoot in RAW and JPEG. The exposures times for each shot varied due to the images being taken (1/125th Second to 22 seconds).

I believe that my four images reflect the meaning I was aiming for. Producing them was a challenge that I enjoyed very much. When I first set out to produce images for the brief, I felt that my initial understanding of the brief was rushed, and so I took time to rethink the photographs that were going to be submitted. Initially, I had considered using a similar approach to David Hockney’s Photomontage technique, but eventually I decided that it would not allow me to create the complex visual response to the theme that I should be aiming for.

I wanted the first image to be a self-portrait. A lively image, full of movement, can depict many emotions that sum up one person’s identity.

The second and third images are inspired by Taryn Simon’s portrait of Bill Gates. The portraits are dark, have strong contrast and are very powerful. I’m trying to depict new identities of the girls in the portraits. I wanted to photograph a metaphorical “inner being” at war with the outside world, something that we as humans can’t always see. We all have our inner conflicts, which we don’t always choose to share, but that are present beneath the skin.

The final image is about identifying relationships between each other. Relationships with one another can be hard to keep and maintain when we are dealing with our own identity, and can test friendships. Unfortunately, these can break and end in tears but we still have the imprint of that relationship on us, even if we choose to move on.

Conceptual Photography has been a major influence within this brief and will continue to be a major factor when I produce photography. I think I need to have more confidence within myself for when experimenting and to push myself further. Rather than trying to produce the best possible image it limits your possibilities to experiment and can potentially have a negative impact on your work in the future, with your lack of confidence with the changing world.

The gallery below is snapshots of my assignment that I had to present to my class.

This concludes Unit 32 Experimental Imagery in Photography, as I have said this has been a brief of unexpected challenges. But I would love to create more work by experimenting with the studio lights.


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