Unit 32 Statement of Intent

This blog post will be about my statement of intent for Unit 32.

For this brief I would like to create four experimental portraits either in the studio or on location. These images must be primarily lens based and focus on themes of “conceptuality” and define an identity within the portrait. This “identity” may be a reflection of the person or entirely different creating a persona for the subject within the image. Creating more depth and giving the illusion that there is more than meets the eye.

How I could interpret the theme identity is defining how I see myself or how others see me. My images could then explore broader themes of identity such as:


The final four images must be printed onto A4 and my favourite final image will be printed onto A3. These four images must be evaluated and present my thoughts and feelings about the images towards the class and evaluate the project as a whole in a presentation.

Today I shall also be posting my studio plan for the shoot I did for Unit 32. I also have to thank you lot for viewing my blog and continuing to support me. Yesterday I pulbished my 100th blog post and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you lot supporting me thank you!



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