Unit 32 Image Research

In this blog post we will be looking at some of the images I looked at for inspiration/visual research for my Unit 32 assignment. I created a moodboard of possible images and techniques to try to create for this assignment.

Visual Research Canvas

Picture1This is a studio portrait shot by Ross Shields a London based Fashion Photographer. Who was commissioned by Atlanta Records to create Album Artwork and promotional material for Rae Morris’ debut album. I like this image a lot the tone of colour and two images of Rae on top of each other is very interesting. The background has a nice tone to it with what looks like a hard studio light creating a ray of light. This could be mimicking sunlight. I think this image was created with a long exposure and multiple flash intervals. There would also have to been multiple studio lights with soft-box attachments and a fan to blow her hair.

Picture2This is a portrait of Bill Gates shot by Taryn Simon. Taryn Simon born in February 1975 is a multidisciplinary artist, who has produced works in photography, text, sculpture and performance. Taryn Simon produces art around her interest in “systems of categorisation and classification”. Bill Gates is an iconic businessman who helped found and run the technology company. Gates has helped invest into the third world and charities in America. He is seen by many to be great but this portrait shows him in a darker light. As there were rumours he wanted to control the level of access information to the public.

Picture3These are two screenshots were taken from Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video, which were multiple exposures in a video. Some of the scenes looked like standard multiple exposure images while two of them had more depth like the bottom right.




I would like to use these three techniques for creating possible images to submit for my Unit 32 assignment.


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