8 Studio Images

This blog post will be looking at my chosen 8 studio images analysed for this brief. We had to look at 8 different images and talk about the different qualities and technicalities in the studio.


This is an advertisement for Absolut Vodka, created by Steve Bronstein. The image was shot on an 8×10 film camera and shot on 8×10 transparencies.  8×10 transparencies gave you the best quality a film camera can produce and also gives you the best chance to manipulate an image. Having looked at some of Steve Bronstein’s work even though you have the best chance of Photo-manipulation with the film he is using. Bronstein prefers to get as much of the image shot in camera before working on the image. Therefore, this image would at least be one or two exposures combined to get the image. Absolut has been known for creative advertising and using its brand name as pun for short and snappy but quirky titles on their adverts. The studio flash could have an aperture or a honeycomb attached with an 8×10 camera you will have a very easy time getting a shallow depth of field. This image has a slight shallow depth of field as the glass is fading into focus. This one in particular is about dreaming that the magazine had a real bottle and that could be poured into a martini glass. As Bronstein shot a lot of the Absolut Vodka adverts they all share a specific quality and style. The audience would be drinkers of Alcohol or those who admire the sophistication. They all have sophisticated look and feel to them and this one is no different. For me I enjoy the sophisticate appeal of the image, and the complexity appeals to me with this image




This is an advert created to promote Malibu there are a few adverts created within this series however the photographer is not accredited. These images are promoting Malibu white rum, the image has a bottle of Malibu and coconut around the bottle. The coconut could be there to promote the specific flavour, also the fact that its white could suggest that its pure and coconut nothing else. This is also true of the other photos it is white and there is the fruit around the bottle. It also could link into the fact that its White Rum. This image shows a Malibu bottle matted but normal bottles of Malibu that you can buy are glossy, this could be done for aesthetics, to visually communicate the pureness of the white rum. The target market for the advert would the younger generation and those who like to party.  Malibu comes across as a premium alcoholic beverage, but actually is well priced when compared to other products. This image does not have a shallow depth of field and everything is all in focus and is sharp.



Copyrights go to Malibu, I do not own the material

This is an advert of Smirnoff vodka shot by a freelance photographer Eric Michalski. Smirnoff Vodka is a Russian vodka which is quite popular with the younger generation as it is quite cheap when compared to other vodka’s and is quite popular compared to other cheap vodka’s. The image would have been composited from a few different images as this incorporated liquid photography. The use of fruit in this image, is to show the flexibility of Smirnoff Vodka and what can be mixed to create an interesting cocktail. The image would have either white backdrop with red gels on studio lights or a red studio backdrop lit up by studio lights. It would be a table top with black Perspex.



Copyrights go to Anya Hindmarch and Julia Hetta, I do not own the material

This is an advert promoting Anya Hindmarch fashion brand, these were created as a set Julia Hetta. Anya Hindmarch is a fashion designer who created her own fashion business and fashion brand under her name. The advert is appealing to those in high end fashion and looking for niche fashion designers. The photographer is Julia Hetta is a Swedish photographer who shoots contemporary photography, fashion photography and commercial photography. This advert would have been shot on a table top set, with a marble top or veneer.  The items on this table communicate and complement the Anya Hindmarch purses. The image was shot with a hard light, and angled to the right.  The image has a very slight shallow depth of field.



Copyrights go to Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld and Model is Kendal Jenner, I do not own the material

This is an advert promoting Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion brand, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. The model in the shot is Kendal Jenner an American Fashion model known for working many luxury fashion brands and featuring in Vogue. Karl Largerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist and photographer, he has shot and produced collections and shot images for Fendi, Vogue and Channel. The image is promoting a collection from Fendi and is using subject matter to promote key themes from the collection and coordinating colour. The lighting within the image is quite moody and is focused on the model but spills onto the puppet in the background. It gives the image a “dark” appeal to the image, the expression of the model also emphasizes that too. The image has a black background; this suggests a possible black backdrop or that the light emitted from the studio flash wasn’t powerful enough to reach the background. I think this was the intention as the image is moody.  This image has a slight shallow depth of field in the woman as the puppet in the background is blurry. The image does certainly grab your attention considering Fendi has been known for high quality fashion that the clothes and the image seem very understated. This image appeals to me because the advert is moody and gives the idea that there is more than meets the eye.



Copyrights go to Hugo Boss and Inez and Vinoodh, I do not own the material

This is fashion photography taken from the Hugo Boss Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. The images were taken by two photographers in collaboration Inez and Vinoodh. They are a Dutch duo that photograph fashion and have worked for different Fashion Brands and magazines. The image is all about displaying the themes for Hugo Boss’s new collection “Layering”, if you look at the background and what the model is leaning on is layered sponge it looks like it is meant to be layered stone. Which would communicate the idea of cold and winter.



Copyrights go to Vogue and Apple, I do not own the material

This is an image of part of a 12-page advert of the apple watch in Vogue, the photographer was not accredited. The apple watch is aimed as being a high-end smart watch. A smart watch is a watch that can be connected to your phone and provide more functionality than a conventional watch however at the expense of battery life. This 12 page spread/advert in Vogue one Apple’s attempts to capture the attention of the fashion industry on the “smart watch craze”. They advertised all three editions of the apple watch; the apple watch sport, the apple watch and the apple watch edition. The Apple watch and the apple watch edition will most likely appeal to the high end fashion crowd. The Apple Watch is made with Sapphire glass and stainless steel; this is one in the two page spread. Along with the steel Milanese band, which is also very expensive. The Apple watch would have to have been suspended in the air, and then they would have been” edited out.



Copyrights go to IKEA, DDB Berlin Agency and Photographer Mikael Strinnhed, I do not own the material

This advert was created by the advertising agency DDB Berlin and the photographer was Mikael Strinnhed. The image looks like the inside of a van has been converted into a room, the caption is Free Room Delivery as Ikea has everything for re-decorating a room with the furniture to the wallpaper and blinds.  Also with free delivery on most items (terms and conditions apply) you can in theory order a new free room from Ikea. The advert is communicating this idea and that you should consider Ikea when redecorating a room as it is an all in one solution. The image could be a room set with a image shot from the back of a van and then added into the shot with light flares to give the effect that the room is packed within a van. Where the window is in this image would be where the studio lighting is to allow for the room to replicate the light entering from the slip in the vans driver cabin. This image is more focused on the manipulation of the image rather than capturing as much in camera as possible.

That concludes the 8 analysed images for my studio brief, the next few blog posts will be about studio photographers.


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