UCAS and things

Good evening guys, I am writing a quick post to explain where I am up to and what is planned for the future. The title gives some of this post away in which I am applying for University through UCAS. I am now in my second year and would like to take my Photography studies further.

I have been to five open days for universities all around England, it has been interesting and has made choosing some universities easier than others! This will mean as ever content to the blog may be late, I am very close to handing in my next assignment.

This new assignment is Unit 25 Studio Photography, which is all about understanding and recreating still life photographs used for advertising. With everything else going on it has been hectic and all over the place, this is why my presence on the blog has been somewhat lacking.

Never fear I will be continuing on with my blog and will be doing a short series on my experience with UCAS and how I do in the end.

These are a few snaps taken from the exploration of the cities I have attended open days.

Over the next few weeks I will be hopefully more active with content on the blog and I will be tweaking a few pages. (Mainly portfolio pages for better navigation and presentation)


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