Location Photography – Concepts and Characteristics

Today I am going to start publishing work from my first brief for my second year in Photography. This brief was done differently, unlike our first year where all the students completed work on the same brief. The class was split in half and one half completed the location brief while the other half completed the studio brief. Then once both assignments were completed the students would swap over.

This location brief was all about planning shoots and presenting your images. We had to shoot two location shoots of Liverpool and present the images within a magazine double page spread.

As part of our research we had to look at Location Photography. What is Location Photography? It is all about capturing photographs outside of the studio, but that doesn’t mean the photographs have to be outside.

Untitled picture

Street Photography can also be seen as a type of documentary photography (or social documentary), as it features the “human condition” (human condition can be defined as the characteristics, key events and situations which composes the essentials of human existence (such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict and morality)) within a public place.

Street Photography can focus on human emotions displayed; this can allow us to look back at recorded history to gain a sense of emotion from a point in time. This means framing and timing can be key in certain aspects of capturing a street photograph. Therefore street photographers document people, and their behaviour in public places. This can be used to document life for history or for art.

The equipment used within Street Photography can range from what camera you use to if you forgo the use of bringing a tripod. Nowadays you have to main choices for your camera on the street digital or traditional film. Some photographers still shoot street photography on film because the cameras are compact and blend into the scene. Where as digital cameras only in the recent years have been able to fit a full frame digital sensor into a relatively small-bodied camera. Some street photographers prefer to move around the subject un-noticed allowing them to achieve photographs that don’t look staged and purely natural.

Things to consider when planning a Location Shoot:

Location Planning

As I decided to focus on shooting street photography in Liverpool my research focussed on street photography. I will also be posting a blog post on my research on some street photographers and other landscape photographers.



The Telegraph

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