My Summer Work…

Sorry for this content being late again folks, I have been busily working on my first and current assignment. This is a location brief which requires me to create a mock-up magazine showing off Liverpool with the theme of photography I have chosen.

Moving on this blog post will be about some of my ideas for my summer work submissions. I wanted to focus on increasing my skill in Photoshop and creating various eye-catching images with people.

My first shoot titled “what’s left of her” was made while I was working alongside a friend I made called Lorena (Lizzy). We had a conversation about her origin and her relationship to her families and how she feels about it. I got the idea for creating a photo-sequence that could be used in a magazine based on that conversation.

The images are all set in a forest that could be identified as a British forest, to show her new home. The images have a blue tint on them, to give the effect of cold and emphasis the emotions of loneliness and isolation.  (When viewing the slideshow at the bottom you will see individual comments on each image)

My second shoot called “Loud Fashion” was to do with some of my sister’s new clothing that she had bought. This was quite a departure on her normal choice of clothing and is quite eye catching. So I decided I wanted to do a piece based on people changing there fashion choices and what effect it has on them and what it does to those around them.

Location wise I went for a country road to make her stand out as the clothing is quite different and stands out in the image. The second image created from this shoot is all about the idea of people judging your new choices and the torment your mind goes through when thinking about what other people might think about your new clothes.

The images are designed to be full bleed within a magazine as page breakers within the article.

Overall I am very happy with the images I have created, I have quite an interest in creating images for editorials and articles. This was brought upon by watching the film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty“, it is about an employee who works for Life Magazine. I have adored Life Magazine and Time Magazine and what their images have done and what they have created.


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